Trezor hardware wallet basics


Trezor is an independent company who manufacture and supply some of the best crypto hardware wallets currently available in the market. The safest way to store your coins.


Why choose Trezor?


A hardware wallet is the safest way for you to receive, store and spend bitcoin, Trezor happen to be one of the best hardware wallet. Storing your coins on any electronic device, or online carries risk.


Storing bitcoins on an exchange – you should never store coins on any exchange.  Just deposit, trade and withdraw!

Always think of Safety First!



Trezor  supports more than 500 coins and tokens for storing.



What isTrezor hardware wallet?


TREZOR is a single purpose device which allows you to make secure Bitcoin transactions., they are completely safe even when initiated on a compromised or vulnerable computer. Because the use of TREZOR is very easy and intuitive we believe it will help Bitcoin adoption among people not familiar with the security issues.


Where can I buy Trezor hardware wallet?



You can buy your Trezor from SatoshiLabs directly on their own website but you can take a look on Ebay as well, just keep in mind to always buy from a trusted saler.



We provide this information for reference only and can not assist you with your Trezor hardware wallet. Please contact Satoshi Labs for Trezor support here.


You can find Trezor  user manual here.


How to send from Trezor?


Sending funds from your Trezor is secure and easy. For example, sending coins to your exchange account (making a deposit). For step by step manual visit the official SatoshiLabs website.


Lost your Trezor? Here is how to recover your funds.


First don’t panic. As long as you followed the set up guide, you are fine. Follow this simple procedure to recover it.


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