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Earn money without investing!



This is the right time for you to enter the Crypto Market as the bear season is over, and more and more people are getting interested in buying and trading with crypto again.

Also this is your best chance to earn money without huge investment. What do you need to invest is your time and network!

BtcPremium offers a very attractive affiliate rewards where you earn a welcome reward and 25% commission from every trading fee after your friend who signs up and trades through your affiliate link.



How to become an affiliate on BtcPremium crypto Exchange


First you need to register on Btcpremium exchange, just takes 1 minute.

Once you have verified your account, go to your account/affiliate menu, where you will find your personal affiliate link.

Your affiliate link will look similar to this:

The more you share your link, the more you will be able to earn.



How we do appreciate your effort?


Share your love of crypto, introduce a friend to Btcpremium and you will both get 5 EUR  “welcome” reward when your friend buys or sells at least 100 EUR of cryptocurrency at the first time.

Yes, we want make you satisfied. For example your friend is willing to invest 2000 Eur and he buys BTC for the whole amount, that transaction will cost him 0.4% / 8 Eur, your comission will be 2 EUR. You might think that it is a small amount, but if you invite 10 friends and they trade 10 times in a month, it will deliver a fast, 200 Eur income to you.  One of our benefit that you will get your payment instantly .



Reasons to join BtcPremium affiliate program:


  • Licensed exchange
  • Welcome reward to you and your friend
  • Instant payment
  • One of the most attractive affiliate rates in the industry
  • Transparent monitoring system of your affiliates
  • Wide range of trading orders



How to promote your affiliate link?


  • Share your link  on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Create YouTube videos with your affiliate link in the description
  • Share it on forums, in Telegram and WhatsApp groups (check with forum operators, if it is allowed)
  • Create a QR code and share it with your friends or colleagues
  • Create a crypto blog, vlog or website and use your affiliate link


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