Crypto currency trading platform affiliate program

Earn money without investing!


If you’re tired of those affiliate programs where you get promises only and whatever you do, others will retrieve the results.

If you want real commission, what you get on time.

With instant payment, every day.


Do you have internet, are you determined and creative?


Than listen!

Signup on!

Use your affiliate link to invite others to register and use BtcPremium.

Your comission is 25% -5% FIAT or 10% -2.5% CRYPTO, which you will receive immediately after the tradings of the people invited by you and your invitee. 


Without any waiting time, minimum trading requirements or minimum deposit – only profit.


Why become an Affiliate on BtcPremium Crypto Exchange?


  • Immediate payments.
  • Awesome affiliate rates.
  • Pay outs 24/7

How to become an affiliate in 3 steps


  1. Register on
  2. Invite users to trade on BtcPremium using your affiliate link.
  3. Sit back and count your comission.


How to promote your affiliate link?


– Share it via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube)
– Create YouTube videos with your affiliate link in the description
– Share it on forums (check with forum operators, if it is allowed)
– Create a QR code and share it with your friends or colleagues
– Create a crypto blog, vlog or website and use your affiliate link


Affiliate commission is updated every 3 hours. 

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